Flowers are used to make your town look nicer and more colorful and beautiful. They are the biggest part of your perfect town status. There are many different species, some look very different from others, some of which may be purchased from Tom Nook. Flowers that are not available through Nook include Dandelions, Jacob's Ladders, Carnations, and Hybrids (see below).

Flowers must be watered occasionally. Flowers that are not watered may wilt the following day (their color gets more brown/darker which can be difficult to notice on certain colors of flowers i.e. black roses or black cosmos). If a wilted flower is not watered, it will die (disappear) the following day. Rain and snow waters all flowers in your town automatically. It is believed that if it is raining in the city when you visit it and you return to your town before saving, it still counts as having watered your flowers for that day. Note that if you attempt to pick up a wilted flower, it will be destroyed (in the same way that a weed is destroyed.)

Flowers can also be picked up and placed inside your house, where they will appear to be growing in some sort of flower pot or box. While they are indoors, they will never wilt or require watering, so this is a useful way to keep rare hybrids if you know you won't be able to water them for a few days.
Note: You can also keep them in your pockets or wear them as an accessory and it will have the same effect.

In addition to dying from lack of water, flowers may be killed if you run (not walk) over them.

Flowers can be also be worn. Tulips, Cosmos, Pansies, Jacob's Ladders, Dandelions, and Carnations are worn in your hair. Roses are carried in your mouth. Dandelion Puffs are equipped.

When choosing where to plant your flowers, try to avoid signposts. These signs are places where a new villager's house might appear. If a house appears at a sign, any flowers located under its footprint will be destroyed. Note that this includes the space directly in front of the door.

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