"So bold! So tangy! So SPICY! Honey, you got a whole BBQ buffet of style goin' on!"
— Gracie, Animal Crossing: Wild World
Gender Male (Japan)
Female (other)
Species Giraffe
Service Clothing, furniture
Appearance(s) Animal Forest,
Animal Forest +,
Animal Crossing,
Animal Forest e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Gracie (グレース, Grace) is a celebrity fashion designer who occasionally passes through the undeveloped towns of the country, impacting the lives of fashion-conscious villagers. As a giraffe, Gracie is naturally tall and elegant, however behind her external appearance lies a powerful woman who knows how to earn respect. Not only is she the number one name in fashion, she has no known rivals. Gracie is considered the face of Ms. Nintendique, but it is unknown if she is connected with Fauna Magazine as well. However, snooty villagers will sometimes call her outfits "trash" and her car a rusty heap. Gracie has appeared in every Animal Crossing series game to date, however, was not featured in Animal Crossing: The Movie.

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1 Personality
2 Professional Life
2.1 Gracie's Fashion Line
2.2 Fashionista Badge
3 Appearance
3.1 Animal Forest and Animal Crossing
3.2 Animal Crossing: Wild World
3.3 Animal Crossing: City Folk
4 Effect on the Town

PersonalityEditGracie from Animal Crossing Gracie is highly pampered and prefers to live the glamorous life, driving expensive cars (on the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing she drives the game's ONLY car) and going to great lengths to maintain her fashionable reputation. Even when visiting small towns, as she frequently does as a form of recreation, she makes sure to wear excessive make-up and keep her automobile clean. Speaking with the villagers, she maintains a haughty air, even going so far as to brag that she, and no one else, is the famous Gracie. She has an abrupt manner and doesn't hold back from saying what she thinks. She exhibits a blatant disregard for local parking laws. Perhaps it is mere coincidence, but every time Copper and Booker hold a Bust Illegal Parkers campaign, Gracie, being the scofflaw that she is, parks illegally, and manages to get away with it. Additionally, the giraffe is notorious for dropping her cars’ old tires into rivers and oceans.

Gracie literally laughs at the concept of pulling favors out of the goodness of her heart. If one desires her assistance, she requires payment in return, either in the form of money or services. However, only if favors done for her are to her liking will she repay others. Whenever her car becomes dirty, she demands a nearby villager to clean it up. Only if this task is done to her liking, she gives the villager a shirt from her fashion line. Yet, the designer has shown a soft spot for the backwater world. Despite her insults, she repeatedly has developed a respect for the fashion senses of the villagers. When she is in town, she stops by the Able Sisters, occasionally finding a design that strikes her fancy. She has stated that "hicks" never fail to impress her with their fashion creativity... or making her turn up her snout at.

Professional LifeEditGracie's Fashion LineEdit
Gracie works in the fashion industry. Her designs are so well known that her name is synonymous with fashion among the townsfolk and the rest of the world. It can be inferred that she hails from a large city, perhaps the city often mentioned in the back stories of the townsfolk. However, rather than be squashed by the city, Gracie has used the hustle and bustle to become famous. From her personality, one can infer that people wait on her hand and foot. This implies that she employs a large staff and may even own her own fashion company named after herself.

Fashionista BadgeEdit
When Gracie visits towns, she has been known to notice particularly "saucy" looking villagers. After asking them a series of fashion questions, she presents them with the Fashionista Badge, a sign of how close their impression of fashion is to her own. Occasionally, Gracie will include a moldy shirt as a subtle hint. The implication is that the receiver would look better in a moldy shirt from the Gracie line rather than what they are currently wearing. Usually, this gift is given the first time a particular individual receives the badge, perhaps in order, in a somewhat disdainful way, to teach them their proper place in the world of fashion. When talking to other animals in your town, usually the more snooty and sometimes even the normal villagers may give you a clue as to what Gracie looks for in a Fashionista Badge. (i.e. "Glasses are held in high regard in the fashion world.) Wearing the Gracie shirt will give you a better chance of getting a Fasionista Badge with a good comment. She will also compliment you on your choice of clothes.

Gracie can also give you an outfit for 3000 bells if you bother her enough. The outfit may come with an accessory (Glasses) or head piece depending on how much you give her. The less you give, the worse the outfit. If you give 5000 or more, Gracie will give you something from her personal line. The odds (on Gracie's first visit) stack up against the player and player is about 90% likely to get the moldy shirt

AppearanceEditAnimal Forest and Animal CrossingEdit
In Animal Forest and Animal Crossing, Gracie will come in a random week day, like in the later games. You must wash her car by taping "A" fast. If you go slow, she will give you nothing. If you're moderately fast, she will give you a normal shirt. If you're very fast, she will give you a Gracie brand shirt.

Animal Crossing: Wild WorldEdit
In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Gracie will come on a random week day, standing in front of her car, on the same spot Redd sets up his tent. She will make a quiz for you, and then will give you clothing. After talking too much with her again, she will ask you to make an offer (in bells) on a style (a hat and clothing). However, she will not show you the style until she accepts your offer.

When she is in the players town, Booker will say: "Hm... I don't remember how long ago it was, but a fancy car rolled up here...".

Also, if the player catches a tire, the player will say "Is this from Gracie's car?!", even if Gracie has never even been to the town.

Animal Crossing: City FolkEdit
A player browses the GracieGrace store in City Folk
Added by DabtownerGracie has a store called "GracieGrace", named after herself; the only apparent staff member is Labelle, a porcupine like Sable and Mable. GracieGrace carries not only clothing and numerous other accessories, but furniture too. The items stocked are expensive, but there are end-of-season sales where the player can buy items that are marked down. Some of her shirts such as the watermelon shirt is sold at the Able sisters.

Gracie will randomly appear at GracieGrace. When you speak to her, you can get an appraisal of your ensemble. The items considered are your clothes, accessories, haircut, hair colour, and shoes.

If wearing a helmet, hair color/style is not considered. If wearing a wig, hair style is not considered.

Gracie will comment on your Look, if any, and your shoes. She will mention your haircut if she doesn't like it.


wear at least one accessory (hat, wig, helmet, glasses, mask, etc.)
choose a haircut that matches the style of your shirt
wear shoes that match by color

have scattered colors or styles
have all items of the same color (e.g., don't wear all white)
wear bedhead hair (try covering it with a wig or helmet)
wear a Mii mask
wear an ensemble that succeeded the last time
If your ensemble is sufficiently coordinated, Gracie will give you a 10% discount on your GracieGrace purchases. The discount is good only while you are in the store, so come prepared with money or a Shopping Card before you talk to her. If you use the Shopping Card have lots of bells in your bank!

Effect on the TownEditWhenever Gracie visits the town, the snooty female villagers take note. Occasionally, Gracie will create an outfit for villagers who do her favors or pay her money. As a result, Gracie’s designs have become coveted among female villagers. Peppy villagers sincerely hope that the reason they have not experienced much success in their performing careers is because they do not have fancy clothes, and see Gracie’s fashions as a way to correct the issue. The lazy villagers have been known to admit crushes on Gracie, as women of her beauty do not often visit the town.

When he was a police officer, Gracie’s disregard for the law severely annoyed Copper. Held to his post, he could not arrest her, although he obviously entertained the thought.